Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Study: fear extend in duration childbirth

Study: fear extend in duration childbirth - So research published in bjog: an international journal of obstetrics and gynaecology. Between 5-20 % pregnant mother will experience fear face childbirth.

Many factors associated with increased prevalence, fear of birth of a child including mums too young age first birth psychobabble problem earlier lacking social support and history torture.
This conclusion obtained from 2.206 survey against women with pregnancy single intend bore with natural process.

Duration childbirth defined by opening of 3-4 cm the uterus and uterine contractions 3 times per 10 minutes until the birth of a child.

Researchers discovered, women experience fear and childbirth spend at least an hour 32 minutes longer than women who fears no the childbirth process.

After adapted to the exceptional, as of parity, analgesi epidural, inductions and aids, using birth the differences are still significantly, the 47 minutes.

On average, women be afraid because of the childbirth process will undergo childbirth for eight hours.While the women who don ' t be afraid because of childbirth spend about six hours and 28 minutes.
The study also found, 17 percent of women who fear forced to confront the childbirth process aided by certain tool to facilitate the process, also 11 percent to bore with the deliveries.
Women who confesses not feared would have aided risk a sudden deliveries yean and operation but the percentage of the possibilities far enough compared to figures on this. The " fear face the childbirth process important issues seemed to be against obstetric care.

Our findings about duration labor longer against women who fear the childbirth process is fresh cut in riddles a cross between psychology and obstetrics, the " salvesen adams, samantha said research centre, health services akershus university hospital of the university of oslo, norway.
According to adams, tmii teamjust relations between the fear of the childbirth process and duration childbirth.
In general, duration labor longer increases the risk of childbirth using aid deliveries through the vagina and operation of emergency.
However, the " important to note, the number of women who fear childbirth but is successfully natural childbirth is enough, hence, cesarean deliveries process shouldn ' t be an offer from choice emergency early without any indication the " adams said.
Editor-in-chief bjog, john thorp wit, the " any of numerous large somereason women to be afraid because of the childbirth process.
This research showed women with fear of the childbirth process tends need intervention obstetrics and needs further traced to the gynecologist and the midwives can provide support and advice is perfect. The "

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