Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bacteria Could Stir Tummies Mood

Bacteria Could Stir Tummies Mood Digestive system plays an important role in the human body and absorption of nutrients affect the quality of life.
A recent study found, that health someone and mood closely related to the kind of food which is chosen and type of organism in the intestines of them.

The study said that affect preferred food type of organism that lives in the body which in turn will affect health of body as a whole.
Research published in nature journal analyze type of organism in the stomach more than 170 he was 78 years old. Researchers discovered, that microbes in the intestines varies according to the place where they live and what eaten.

One who lives in a healthy society having variously type of organism. Unlike people living in health care in the long run lower miCrobes, variations and health is inclined to weaker.
The " findings, we showed that the parents regardless of the initial conditions, and genetic health there is a significant difference, because the age the choice of food impact on ecosystems, intestinal bacteria the researchers said, " paul o toole, ' university of college cork.

Elders who lived in healthy environment and then moved into health service rapidly changing patterns, food but change microbes in the intestines more slowly. Needed to a year that microbes this really changing. Declining health condition seems not affect change this composition but more influenced by diet.

Not only that organisms in the human intestine also can affect mood. Research shows that that intestinal bacteria can communicate with the ' the ' the brain through making compound affect usus-otak connection.

Change intestinal bacteria on your parents may have an impact on cognitive function and mood. Investigators previously, microbes produce variety grown in the results beneficial to mankind. Microbes role in the old bigger because digestive system weakened. So that more of its function taken over by microbes.

The " to overcome weakness of the system, the role and gastrointestinal functioning microbes help the process of digestion in the body to create effective and efficient possible the " said o the ' toole.

In recent years, scientists consider granting the treatment of the intestines. The point is to consider kind of microorganism in the intestines.

The goal is to medication given more effective. Well, to make beneficial bacterium that thrives in the intestines, one way is by consuming much food fibrous.

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