Friday, July 13, 2012

Sitting Too Long Increase In Women Risk of Diabetes

Sitting Too Long Increase In Women Risk of Diabetes - A study showing that if a woman sitting too long to improve exposed to risk of diabetes.
In research that whose female has of factors causing diabetes, resistant to insulin, such power would increase the risks if too long a seat.
It associatedwith man. result of this research also affect the lifestyle and health policy for we suggest women not sitting too long. It is an important factor in preventing to stage more chronic diabetes,said researchers in the american journal of preventive medicine.
Thomas yates leicester, from university english analyzes information than 500 people living in england who attends this seminar on diabetes. Participants reported how long they spent to sit in seven days last.
Thomas also take a blood sample of participants. On average, the women said that they spend five hours to sit per day while men spend six hours every day for lounging.
For women, sitting too long pertaining to endurance them against croupous, and high levels of insulin including protein c-reactive ( CRP ) and interleukin-6 ( IL-6 ).
However, statement of research that may be declining reliability. For of advanced research, the researchers also find that body mass index also affect women in increased occurrence of diabetes Possible, because women have weight above normal they more often sit.

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