Monday, July 23, 2012

Can Be Treated Muscular Weakness Of The Tarantula

Can Be Treated Muscular Weakness Of The Tarantula - This therapy no cure. But if work on men--we can lengthen life children of muscular weakness even until maybe even decades. Specifically, the chilean rose tarantula protein could help stop muscle cell damage.

“It all started back in 2009 when jeff harvey, a stockbroker suburban, from buffalo find his granddaughter JB, suffered from muscular dystrophy and was duchenne-kelainan genetic one form of muscular dystrophy muskular ( diminution ) lasting progressively caused by degeneration muscles.

Generally these disorders small experienced since less than six years old.This disease fatal attack and only son. Hope help grandson harvey seek treatment muscular dystrophy and incidentally, he knows, scientists university at buffalo sachs, frederick phd.

Sachs was a professor physiology and biofisika who have studied the benefits of medical can.

In a few months, harvey, and sachs establish tonus therapeutics a pharmaceutical company intended to develop protein as a medicine. Although treatment not tested in men--we but has helped dystrophi rat in a preliminary experiment.

JB, now a.s four could walk down the stairs alone. When he went he unsteadily. She leads physical therapy and using steroids as medicine.

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