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An Essential Fatty Acid Keep Son Of a Nervous Breakdown

An Essential Fatty Acid Keep Son Of a Nervous BreakdownAn essential fatty acid omega 3 and 6 has paid his dues for growth in children and organs cells. Unfortunately, an essential fatty acid produced by the body, not own but obtained from food.

So, suffuse with child needs a variety of foods containing fatty acid essential. Otherwise the organs and nervous system, children will be distorted as stated and epidemiology teacher head of public health faculty of University Indonesia,  ratna juwita.

It said based on international recommendations every child needs a 2-1 intake omega 3 percent and omega above 6 percent as many as.

A kind of food containing emak essential, including fish originated from the sea in ( as the salmon, tuna mackerel, and The swordfish) and soy beans ( almon ) grain ( sunflower seeds ), vegetable oils, and margarine containing omega 3 and 6. However, ratna, further intake omega 3 and 6 on indonesian children are still lacking.

Consumption essential fatty omega 6 on the new boy fulfilled about 60 percent of figures, adequate nutrition namely 0.67 grams a day. While for three new omega -0.02 grams a day.
The results are based on data analysis berlanngsung 2012, secondary january to june in children aged 4-12, living in 11 province in indonesia.

Data taken from basic health research ( riskesdas ) in 2010, exercised by badan health health ministry research and development ( kemenkes ).
with that number, showing still low consumption fatty acid essential children age 4-12 years. It even show fatty acid essential consumption in indonesia still far away under countries of asia and europe, like india, malaysia australia china, and the united states”  ratna, said in jakarta not long ago.

Further ratna said the data analysis shows that food source of unsaturated fatty essential fatty and often consumed by children every day, among others are tempe know nuts,fish, chicken, oil milk, snacks (, sponge biscuit ) and eggs.
She said when viewed from kind of food, consumed children have been good. However, he said in quantity and composition advocated is still lacking.

lack of knowledge from parent is causing the indonesian children still lacks many essential fatty and intake omega-3 omega-6. With knowledge, parent so health care more sons”  ratna said.

Therefore, ratna, further parents must consider and add sources essential fatty omega, 3 and omega daily food children.

Major food containing this essential fatty the fish originated from the deep ocean, one quadrillionth salmon, tuna mackerel, and tongkol.

Nevertheless, fish local indonesia can be a source of essential fatty besides salmon or tuna. For example, a bloated, criminals, lele, sardines, whitefish and fish kemuru. popular fish in indonesian society could be used as a source of fat asal esential. Although not as high as the value of her womb salmon,” he said.

Besides, continued ratna, parents must also change the eating habits by introducing more variety of food. Especially in children less like fish there are other kinds of foods that can become a substitute.

For example, eggs chicken, like an almond and soy beans grain, vegetable oils, or margarine fortified with essential fatty omega 3 and omega 6. Ratna also said should this essential fatty obtained from food. He advocated to meet the need of supplement.

supplement its support, only that child must keep consuming food containing essential fatty. Besides, parents must consider also kan- dungan nutrition existing in various food given to children” she said.

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