Friday, July 13, 2012

Sports increase the libido men

Sports increase the libido men - Middle-aged man ( 50 year-old upward ) exercising routine seksnya, improved passion including higher the number of sperm and erectile strong.
According to recent study conducted researchers from dublin, ireland.
In these studies, they are also found that lose weight likely to improve sex hormone testosterone levels ( male ) to 50 percent in middle-aged man.
Obtained from the findings studies involving 900 man with the average age 54 who takes part in diabetes prevention program in the united states.
The researchers said that a heavy body can delay or reduce the diabetes male among the most vulnerable to this disease. Hence, they are asked to add portions and do sports pennant, huh healthy diet. Results showed turns weight loss not only reduce the risk of diabetes, but also could encourage sexual life.
The study also found, that testosterone levels rise in direct proportion to the number of pounds ( weight ) lost and decreasing size the waist.

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