Saturday, July 14, 2012

Stroke More Deadly On Weekends

Stroke More Deadly On Weekends - A stroke can indeed, deadly even fatal but on weekends death opportunities for stroke patient is increasing. Why?

Research of imperial college london office and national audit had disclosed that thousands of stroke patients died in vain or suffer every year because of a serious disability attack on weekends.

This happens because patients treated in hospital on saturday or sunday inclined fewer get urgent treatment. Recovery much harder because a senior absent and tests and scan would not immediately available at the weekend.

In the research researchers used data stroke patients in hospitals from april until march 2010, 2009 who mustered nearly 100,000 the patient. Researchers found that the service available in hospital on weekends lower than with a working day.

On weekends only 43,1 percent menarikan a brain scan, patients compared to 47.6 % in the work day. Death stroke patients rp41.20 on weekends. On sunday, death stroke patients reached 11 percent than average 8.9 % in a working day.

The " we calculate that about 350 case potentially death in hospital occurring in a year is unavoidable. And extra 650 people can be sent back to his home in 56 days if performance on weekdays could be done at the weekend, the researchers, " clear the results were published in the archives of neurology, as dailymail, released saturday ( 14 / 7 / 2012 ).

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