Friday, July 13, 2012

5 Things Vision Someone Worsening The Condition

5 Things Vision Someone Worsening The ConditionHealth eyes very important for everyone but many who are not realized that several things can make vision conditions deteriorate. You need to recognize things worsening the condition your eyesight.
Deteriorating condition vision someone usually associated with old age.

But it turns out there some things can aggravate the health even if you are young. Recognizes tanda-tandanya before late because however precaution better than medicine. Following problems that may vision someone, worsening the condition as coolhealthtips, released friday ( 13 / 7 / 2012 ) among others:

1. Diabetes and high blood pressure

Patient diabetes and high blood pressure more susceptible to declining power to consider compared with others are healthy. Blood pressure and uncontrolled sugar may affect blood vessels in the retina of the eye. Retinal troubled certainly will be terrible vision someone.against condition Patients suffering from diabets or having high blood pressure should be consulted ophthalmologist periodically to ensure the condition of an organ her eyes.

2.The appearance of a dark shadow

These symptoms typically experienced by people aged advanced or 50 years up. Vision will be distorted by a dark shadow that suddenly emerged when you were staring straight ahead.


The brown spots on the eye cataracts symptoms may indicate more generally occurs in persons with the age of 80 years old and upward. Cataract often causing kaburnya eyes lens. It can be cured by treatment, but if a cataract getting worse, doctors would suggest to do the operation.

4.The unduly sensitive

A majority of whose eyes were too sensitive would feel uncomfortable if exposed to sunlight a dazzling light and even the darkness. Eye feels grievous when responding to light and secrete tears.

5.Skin cancer on the eyelids

The eyelid peculiar shape may be a symptom of skin cancer. Although skin cancer can be cured but you must be careful in treatment, because otherwise it will be fatal and harmful to your eyesight.

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