Friday, July 13, 2012

Drink sparingly help overcome menopause

Drink sparingly help overcome menopause - Lose weight by reducing fat and consuming much fruit and vegetables can reduce or even eliminate the heat and sweat night, one menopausal symptoms in women.

Meanwhile, separate studies show that a glass or two of wine or beer can minimize the risks aday exposed ( osteoporosis ), porous bones relating to change hormone after menopause.
The research conducted research involving 17.473 diet member.

They successfully loss is felt its benefit after losing ten pounds or more ( 10 % ) of weight.
Bette caan, researcher dr medical experts from permanente, kaiser us said: " the female mostly tending to increase weight along with increasing age.

Whereas weight role-play important to help eliminate hot flashes ( known as flushes in england ) and sweat night associated with menopause."
In research either the researchers also find evidence protection effect from drinking sparingly at 40 women pasca-menopause.

The " drink moderately may be beneficial to health, bone especially on women, pasca-menopause the " said dr. urszula iwaniec, author of the study from oregon state university.

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