Friday, July 13, 2012

Lose excess through sports desire to eat

Lose excess through sports desire to eat - Most people, especially when women are experiencing mood less nice and tired generally tried to solve the problem by ingestion of various food like devouring hamburger spend a brown, or for a pack of potato chips.
But sometimes food choice to restore mood is not good for the health and these activities done repeatedly when beenfeeling similar things come.
It certainly was not good for your health. “worse, kebanyak people overcome mood not good to drink alcoholic beverages and smoked schellberg, says michael psychological and psychotherapy asal hamburg germany.
Indeed, food like chocolate hamburgers or potato chips is able to overcome bad mood but actually not that the core of the problem. hungry man is actually your soul, not the body maria sanchez, said a therapist who has run various a seminar on emotional demand.
Instead of repairing the mood, to consume food causing corpulency precisely eliciting new problem.
Hence, to keep away from desire consume food in excess when the mood is not good schellberg suggest to do sports as an alternative. “one who performs sport generally changing diet them. It is because of the body wants nutrients certain to precisely and regular, consumed  he said.
sessentially not stop consuming chocolate and other foods, various but is to stop eating than when the desire is not good schellberg said. Experts nutrients uwe knop offers advice similar.
One who feel hungry must allow oneself to undergo real hunger. Knop convinced many people have lost real hunger. is very different from when hunger was triggered by psychological”  he said.
People should ask ourselves about what they press by eating when they found herself take food fatty and sweet despite their bodies do not need to eat.
Knop advocates seek transferee to hunger lost either by listening to music strolling or doing something in office.

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