Friday, July 13, 2012

This is important for diet 7 nutrition

This is important for diet 7 nutrition - Having a slim body is impian and diet every woman is most effective way to do that.
Unfortunately many woman forget the nutrition for dieting. Nutritional requirements name--although very important to maintain the health and endurance.
Then, nutrition what it must reck for dieting to stay healthy your body? Following explanation concluded by shine.


A study showing, in the united states potassium that is one key can help maintain blood pressure ( normal healthy ). Not only that potassium also supports prolificacy and functions muscles and nerves.
To stay healthy diet, during iiving you can mendaptakan nutrients natural as, in food milk, potatoes, sweet potato, avocado and bananas.


Deficient in magnesium body of course can cause problems ( like osteoporosis pengeroposan bone ) high blood pressure diabetes, muscular cramps and heart disease. For those who love, consuming alcohol automatically risk having magnesium low levels.
In other words, magnesium if you can prevent disease of spinach, consuming grain, almond ), ( especially nuts and peas.

Vitamin D

For development, health bone muscle, having nerves and strong, the immune system you must mengonsumi much food natural. For example, salmon, mackerel, fungi heart cheese egg yolks and milk. All this food is a source of vitamin D heart to maintain good health.
Calcium often associated with nutrition good for health teeth and bone. Not only that calcium also help keep function, muscle a heartbeat, and maintain blood pressure. To the absorption of yet more calcium in the body then you also need vitamin D.

Vitamin C

If during the process of weight loss bodily condition not fit or experiencing flu certainly this is the condition of being ominous. A study showing, fruits and vegetables can accelerate that process of restoring flu symptoms. Besides, vitamin c also serves as antioxidant that help protect from damage cells.

Vitamin A

Very well to keep body immunity retinol and karetenoid ( beta carotene ). Any vitamin a good for bodies can be found in some food, like carrots pumpkin sweet potato, spinach and broccoli.


They will and was trying to lose weight, they must not forget fiber. Why? For numerous health benefits, having fibers besides lower cholesterol can also increase regularity intestines. Anything, can reduce the risk of heart disease diabetes and some types of cancer. This is because food rich fibers low on calories.

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