Friday, July 20, 2012

Study: mutiara cultivation could treat cancer

In a series of experiments, ajai kumar sonkar at pearl aquaculture research foundation in port blair, india mutiara produced through special culture techniques have been found to contain traces of several metals and minerals are known to have health benefits.

The " we have produce mutiara in the environment that is restrained in the laboratory in most aseptic conditions. They found traces of metal containing zinc, and minerals like bronze magnesium iron sodium-vapor calcium and kalium the " sonkar said.

The " this micro nutrients important for various bodily functions as metabolism, growth and immunity. And zinc has found played a major role in preventing diseases such as cancer, fatal the " he said.

A recent study published in the british journal of cancer, has established tumors, cast as anti zinc role prevent the growth of cancer. Another study also found that zinc deficiencies in the body to cause healing of wounds delayed. Also found his role in weight loss, help lessen the severity and duration other diseases like influenza and other.

According to sonkar, they have produce mutiara of four different species of pearl oysters. The " bio availability in zinc mutiara can be used to help treat some disease. The " To scientific analysis scientists have sent samples powder mutiara to lndians council of agricultural research in central institute of technology, fisheries who andthat mengamini mutiara containing all metals, and minerals.

In operation cultivation mutiara, one to three year underwent surgery, the implantation of an oyster seeding, known as where problems coat taken from oysters donors and recipient grafted in oysters together with the nucleus.

So the oyster kept in a laboratory for healing, then they moved into the sea where they are placed at home there six months to two years to the formation of pearls.

Oysters can produce more than one mutiara during his life with notes are good care including depuration regularly from the outer skin to deprive of seaweed.

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