Thursday, July 19, 2012

People often cause pain when looking for money

People often cause pain when looking for moneyWork hard to get some money must not mean sacrificing health. Some of the habits, while working or sometimes also demands occupation exposes employees with the difficult choice: iil, willingly or can not money. To minimize the risk, while working good giving more attention on some cause pain at work as follows as quoted from us-news, thursday ( 19 / 7 / 2012 ).

1. Footgear
Certain kinds of work requires someone to perry-looking interesting for example by always wearing high or heel on high heels. Many of the risks keseringan wearing footgear health due to the for example, kesleo fall, varicosities hingga nervous breakdown.

2. Nglaju
The distance between house with workplace too far sometimes requires someone to nglaju or alternating every day. During traveled far, someone inclined not move far so susceptible corpulency; heart disease and diabetes. Except nglajunya hitchhike or riding a bicycle.

3. Overtime
Overtime work until night not only physical and mental, cause weariness but could be risk factors various diseases. Workers night known more susceptible to some cancers, such as breast cancer also more vulnerable, fat and have diabetes.

4. Never breakfast
Skip breakfast will not make someone so fast sylphlike as many people think. Even contrariwise, rarely breakfast often causes revenge at lunch or dinner that is even more vulnerable are obese.

5. Iunch carelessly
No guarantee hawker around the hawker is healthy. Worn reëxamined, oil excessive salt and seller not sink when taking food can be a source of disease. The best solution is packing from home.

6. Food cues on a workbench
When punyaa cemilan, many someone inclined to more betah linger on a workbench and physical activity decreases because rarely go. Moreover, because while fun working cemilan sometimes could not stop and unwitting porsinya has exceeded lunch.

7. A sitting position
Neck pains, dorsal and tingling pegal-pegal dikaki and hand often triggered by posisis ssitting less idyilic. Beseem because when, under stress one way to calm down is by misshape seek a comfortable sitting position although sometimes not healthy. Get when sitting backbone always upright.

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