Friday, July 13, 2012

Subtract Extend life can eat 40 % to 20 years

Subtract Extend life can eat 40 % to 20 years - Researchers at the institute of health ageing college at the university of london are trying to develop ways to delay the senescence.
According to them aging also resistible, same as fight disease in general. One result of percobaannya is how a mouse can extend his lifetime to 30 % with only reduce the amount of food intake.

if you reduce the amount of food 40 %, a mouse a man shall live 20 % to 30 % longer.
So in humans age meani extend to 20 years. This has proven to all kinds of organisms, including the dogs, labrador said dr.Piper, chairman of this research.

They also take a sample, a fly which has about 60 % similarity with human genetics. They fly by means of successful extend age give medicine and diet modified. With both the way expected age of man also could last longer. if we can find genetics, engaged in an aging process we can postpone the aging process. This is what we find, said dr.Piper.

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